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Hello Students & Parents,

I hope you enjoy the Computers Homework Forum. Here are some reminders to everybody...

  • {1} All students MUST have their displayed user name with the following format, First Last name (with capitals). For example: Jane Doe or John Doe. Accounts not following this format will not be approved.
    {2} Staff are listed as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Last name (if an account has been created). Parents--an account is not necessary as a guest can view any board without an account, and if a parent wants to message a teacher, s/he can log on as the student and state who is sending the message.
  • This message board is here to be used PRIMARILY as a means for students and parents to have up to date information about computers and to discuss current topics (Lion's Den) and their other classes (7th and 8th Grade Sections).
  • We encourage interaction between staff, students, and parents, but
    discussions must stay appropriate at all times. 
  • Guests can read, but can not post any replies. You MUST register to use the forum.
  • All staff associated with this board are moderators, and can remove any post they find to be inappropriate. The account responsible for the offending post will be suspended.
  • Any post that is purely negative, considered hurtful, or does not reflect positive MLMS attitudes will be deleted without notice.
  • The following items will be deleted and the member warned: 
    {1} Posts or new topics of questionable academic or community value within a school forum.
    {2} Post that are generally considered to be SPAM.
    {3} Posts that duplicate content already under discussion in an active topic.   
    Repeat violations will result in a temporary ban from forum privileges.  Some of this requires a judgment call; staff have the final word on these items.
  • Instead of posting a "Yes" or "No" or "Thanks" answer, please send a Personal Message as a reply. This will keep the posts more interesting and will also limit the scrolling necessary to read all posts within a topic. Posting is not a competition.
  • There are many emoticons to choose from, and they do make a post or Personal Message interesting, but use discretion with them. Please do not use a ridiculous number of them. As network traffic goes up, things slow down. HW Connection should not be bogged down with messages full of rows and rows of emoticons. This will be watched.
  • General forum rules apply to the Personal Message system.  Personal Messages are monitored--they are not private!  If you receive a Personal Message that you think is inappropriate, use the "Report to Admin" link to send it to an administrator for review. If you were thinking you could ignore the rules in Personal Messages...we think not!  Nobody should assume that "Personal" means private and hidden from the admins!
  • If you have a problem with something that was posted in a message, ask Mr. Beasley to review it.  If you have a question as to why something was deleted, ask Mr. Beasley too.
  • Always remember: To post messages on this forum, you MUST abide by these rules. There is a record of IP numbers, so do not assume you are anonymous.

If you have any questions, contact Mr. Beasley.

HINTS: You can adjust lots of settings If you go to "Profile" from the menu on the left side, and then click on the "Forum Profile" link under the Modify Profile menu.  A cool one is to enter your Birthdate-your birthday will then appear in the CALENDAR!

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