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BeAsLeY: NitroType
« on: October 09, 2015, 12:52:15 PM »
Please go to the following site NitroType

You need to create an account (sign up) to be able to play against other students in the class period. To do this you MUST follow this naming convention or it will be way too confusing.

User Name: mlms_per#_01_17 (02, 03, etc.) IMPORTANT: Computer # starts on the front left. Here is the map.

Example: mlms_per6_25_17 would be Period 6, Computer 25, and 17 is for the year, 2017. I will tell you the PW so it is not posted for all to see.

Do a search for members and add all the students from your period.
mlms_per#, and add all the members with 17 at the end.

Once you have this setup, you will be able to race "live" with students from the class by clicking on "Start New Race" and then "Invite your friends."

Once you have won races and changed levels, you can buy new cars from the "Dealership." You can change your current car by going to "Garage."

Before a race you can send prefab comments in a popup window. Also, you can change the display of text from multiple lines to a single line by clicking below the text on the toggle switch.

This website will only be an option when I say. :woohoo:

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