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BeAsLeY: Library Card (Extra Credit)
« on: June 17, 2008, 12:22:23 PM »
This is not a requirement of the class, but there are many reasons to get a Riverside County Public Libary Card. It will help you to succeed in school, and in the future. Here are some of the reasons:

• Many students do not have computers (or they are broken), so they can catch up on work for this (and other classes) at the library.
• There is FREE on-line tutoring available. This will help to support the learning that students are already enjoying at MLMS.
• There are book readings and classes available to further learning and involvement in the local community.
• Books, Books on CD (and cassette), DVDs, Videos, CDs, and magazines can be checked out for two weeks for free!

Riverside County Public Library

Glen Avon Library
9244 Galena
Riverside, CA 92509
(951) 685-8121
(951) 685-7158 fax
GPS Coordinates: Lat 34.004613 / Long -117.485406
Map     Driving Directions
Calendar of Events
Mon & Tues: 10am-8pm     Wed: 12pm-8pm     Thurs: 12pm-6pm     Fri & Sat:  10am-5pm     Sun: 1pm-5pm

Please click on the links below for more information:


Library Application (English)     Library Application (Spanish)

NOTE: Once you have your library card, you will log on to The Riverside County Public Library. This will be done by entering your library card # and PIN. PIN is an acronym for "personal identification number." This term is used instead of "password" when only numbers are used. Your PIN, in this case, is the last four digits of your home phone #. When an item that has been reserved on-line becomes available, a notice will be sent to the home address. There are many other libraries in the system, but this is the closest one.

You will find the directions for putting an item on hold on their FAQ page. Look for the How do I place a hold on an item? header.

You can put just about anything on hold. It can be a:
• book
• book on tape
• book on CD
• CD
• videotape

To get 10 extra credit points you will need to be logged in to your account and show me that you have an item on hold. The item should be appropriate for school. Please do NOT check out an item that your parent(s) or guardian(s) would find inappropriate.

If you bring the item in to class, I will give you 10 more extra credit points. This will help your grade if you have not completed your work on time and points have been deducted accordingly.
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