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BeAsLeY: Signature Help
« on: June 17, 2008, 01:10:57 PM »
Many students/teachers have asked me how I did my signature. It is not really hard once you get the hang of it, but it does take a lot of trial and error. You have to learn the code that is put in every message you send. When you change the color of text, or make it bold, or put an emoticon in, it is all based on PHP code. You will need to learn this code, because once you are in the signature mode, you are not able to click on a button and have it done for you--it needs to be done manually, OR you can work on your signature in a message and click on preview and see how it is displaying. You will need to select all of the characters and copy it (right click on mouse) and paste (right click on your mouse) it in your signature. Once you learn how the code works, it is better to type it directly yourself, because the order of code matters, and clicking on the code buttons does not always work out.

• Click on Profile on the middle of the screen and scroll down to Forum Profile and click.
• Put the code, text, and emoticons in the Signature section.
• Click on Change Profile.
• Click on Profile on the left side of the screen and scroll down to Summary and click. Your new signature is displayed.

If something is not correct, it will display incorrectly (i.e., you can see the code or links do not work, etc.). You may need to play with the spaces between characters to get equal spacing between letters and emoticons. I am attaching a .TXT file so you can look at the code that corresponds to the signature within this message. Each line relates to one character or emoticon (only use enters after lines if necessary). You will see that I cheated and did not always use the end code [/?] because of character limitations in the signature and/or complexity of the signature in general. This still works because the new code overrides the previous code.

My signature now has over 3500 characters, and any NORMAL person would not do this! There are animated .GIFs, different fonts (wingdings, webdings, webdings 2, webdings 3, etc.); web, forum, and email links; and whatever else I could throw into the signature. A good knowledge of the character map {Start=>Programs=>Accessories=>System Tools=>Character Map} will help you to expand what is possible. NOTE: Windows 95 and 98 users do not have the additional two wingdings fonts, so these characters will not display correctly.

Good luck.

NOTE: My signature will change over time, so it is posted below so you can see what it looks like with the corresponding code.

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