Principal’s Message

Dear Mira Loma Middle School’s Family & Community Members:

Welcome to Mira Loma Middle School, home of the Mountain Lions, where our students ROAR. Here at Mira Loma not only is your child taught subject matter curriculum but also the life skills of Respect, Organization, Attitude and Responsibility. Every six weeks we focus on one of these character traits in order to develop well rounded responsible citizens.

The Mira Loma staff maintains a caring climate to support middle school aged students in their academic and social journey. Our school is dedicated to the principle that all students can achieve while engaging in a standards-based curriculum that will help them to be college and career ready.

We encourage students to get involved in school activities. Co-curricular programs at Mira Loma include ASB sponsored activities, events, and a variety of teacher led clubs are available. Students have access to two counselors, classroom presentations from various agencies, and other support programs. Academic intervention and enrichment opportunities are provided through daily Tutorials and AVID classes. In addition, the after school Think Together program is available to assist with homework and social needs.

Academic awards and incentives for attendance help promote an affirming school climate to enhance student learning. Students who demonstrate academic excellence and perfect attendance will be recognized at awards ceremonies.

Student success is a continued focus at Mira Loma. Because we want to ensure that we maximize our students’ learning time we will not interrupt classrooms during instructional time, thereby supporting student success. We ask for your support in avoiding classroom interruptions by preplanning with your children. You can also help by scheduling your child’s appointments outside of the school day. With your support we will continue to provide our students with a quality educational program.

We ask that your child attend school each and every day on time. Attendance is an important element of student success. If your child is not able to attend school, we ask that you call the front office. Please remember that if your child is tardy, leaves early, or is absent she/he misses out on important learning time. If your child has a medical or dental appointment, please request a note from the doctor for your child’s absence. In addition, your child should receive any missed work during the time of the absence. Once your child returns, the work should be completed and turned in to the teacher for credit.

With the partnership of home, school, and community, we can work together to support the success of your child. Parents have the opportunity to provide input in school programs through

  • the Parent Booster Club,
  • School Site Council,
  • the AVID Site Team,
  • and the English Language Advisory Council.

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees please contact the school at (951) 360-2883. Representatives for the School Site Council must be elected by the parents of Mira Loma Middle School. Elections will be held at Back to School Night.

I look forward to working with involved parents, amazing teachers, and enthusiastic students. Together we will continue to strive and prepare our students for success and ROAR!


Andrew Huben

contact me at:
phone: 951 360-2883


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