The Mira Loma Middle School Library will be open on Monday through Thursday after school (beginning January 20th) from 3:30 to 4:20 and on Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30 as a quiet study hall.  The library will be staffed by our teachers.  Students must work quietly and independently.  They may request help in any subject they need assistance with. The computers in the library will be available for research and typing papers or completing projects.

Students that are disruptive will be asked to leave the library and may lose this privilege for the remainder of the semester.

In-Coming Grade 7 AVID Interest Meetings

Mira Loma Middle School will offer two informational meetings -the first on March 17th at 5:30, the second on March 26th at 5:30. They will both be held in the MPR at Mira Loma Middle School. You only need to attend one meeting. Information will be given at this meeting about our AVID program and questions will be answered. Also during this time, your child will be interviewed. Students MUST bring their completed AVID application with them.

If you are unable to attend either meeting, please call (951)360-2883 and leave a message for Anne Cox, AVID Coordinator.