The Mira Loma Middle School Library will be open on Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30 as a quiet study hall.  The library will be staffed by our two resident substitute teachers, Ms. Ascencio and Ms. Austin.  Students must work quietly and independently.  They may request help in any subject they need assistance with. The computers in the library will be available for research and typing papers or completing projects.

Students that are disruptive will be asked to leave the library and may lose this privilege for the remainder of the semester.

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Progress Reports for Semester 1/Progress 1 (first 6 weeks) will be sent home on Tuesday, September 30th with each student.  Parents please review these grades with your student.  Students have until December 18th to maintain or raise their grades for the Semester Report Card.  There will be another 6 week progress report sent home around November 12th.

Reminder: Eligibility for ROAR days and extracurricular activities (dances, field trips, after school activities)  is based on NO F’s, NO suspensions and NO fines.

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All middle schools and high schools in the Jurupa Unified School District have scheduled their Late Start Days on Thursdays.

Mira Loma Middle School will begin classes at 10:55 on Thursdays beginning Thursday, August 14th.  Student may be on campus beginning at 10:30  on Thursdays.

Thursday’s Hours – 10:55 AM to 3:30PM

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Mrs. Eccles ROCKS her PE Class…

Check it out:

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7th Grade Field Day…

This gallery contains 68 photos.

Thursday, May 22 was a Lot of Fun!

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Awards Assembly Pictures

This gallery contains 82 photos.

Here are some pictures from the Awards Assembly! ☺  

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Camcorders Needed… (a few anyway)


Do you have an old camcorder collecting dust at home?  Would you consider donating it to Mira Loma Middle School?

The Video Production Class is looking for one or two of a few specific models of older Canon camcorders that can provide Component (Green, Blue, Red) output.  These are highly compatible with the new equipment we are using for our daily broadcast, (and ironically, newer model camcorders are not compatible).

The model numbers below will work great.  Some of those were fairly cheap units, and others were highly expensive models.  Most of them use flash memory, but a few of them are the older-style DV-tape camcorders.  (We will be using these as studio cameras, so even if the tape drive doesn’t work well, it won’t matter).

We ONLY have a need for any of the following models.  Any other units will not be of use to us–please dispose of properly.  If you have an old unused one matching one of these model numbers and can donate, drop it off at the office.

Canon Camcorder Models:

HF G10

HF M30

HF M301

HF M300

HF M31

HF M32

HF M40

HF M400

HF M41

HF R10

HF R100

HF R11

HF R20

HF R200

HF R21

HF S10

HF S100

HF S11

HF S20

HF S200

HF S30














XF 100


Thanks — Keith Schumacher, Video Production Teacher
email questions to:

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Science Field Trips: Crystal Cove State Park.

This gallery contains 69 photos.

Many students have been going on field trips to see whales and learn about ocean ecosystems.  Here are some pictures from Mr. Donovan’s trip on Friday, March 14, 2014.

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ROAR Friday Video Fun…

HAPPY!  :)
(from January 31, 2014)

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ROAR Friday Pictures (from January 31, 2014)

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Here are some pics, courtesy of Mr. Beasley and Yearbook!

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